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Thread: action Script book... which one?

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    Feb 2001
    Hey all,

    I'm looking to buy a good actionScript book (intermediate level) this weekend.

    Basically i need something that will explain what each action is capable of and/or what it is used for.

    In school we got Foundation ActionScript and it was good for a beginner but now i need something a little more complex and i 'm sure that at this point there's more books out there as opposed to 8 months ago.

    Any suggestions?

    THX ktown.

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    I have purchased "ActionScript: The Definitive Guide" by Colin Moock (from O'Reilly press) and have found it very in-depth and informative... highly recommend it.


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    Mar 2001
    I second that. ASDG is a very good book. Great reference material and he lists some of the gotchas and how to work around them.

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    visual quickstart has a couple good actionscrtpt books, so does http://www.friendsofed.com

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