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Thread: Whats the best way to make a sound on/off button?? i tried everything and cant get

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    it to work. well it can turn on and off, but when its off and you change sections in the site, the music starts playing again by itself..anyone please, thanks.

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    Lightbulb try this yet?

    open a new movie
    insert one keyframe
    file/import...your mp3 (this will put it in your library)
    go to the sounds panel

    in 'sound' choose your mp3 listed there
    in 'effect' , actually dont touch
    in 'sync' choose streaming

    in your one keyframe you will see a little dash
    go many frames to the right and add another keyframe
    you will see your mp3
    try to grab the last keyframe and drag it out to the end of the song
    if it dosent let you drag it then delete the last keyframe and try to drag the next one

    a 1 minute song is just less than 800 keyframes.

    save your new movie with whatever name u want, say 'thecups'
    test it to create the .swf

    go back to main movie and put an action in the timeline
    loadMovieNum (thecups.swf, 1)

    this will make your song automatically play whtn the movie's 'needle' hits that action.

    make sure your mp3 swf is in the same folder or create a path: loadMovieNum(musicfolder/thecups.swf, 1)

    if you want to make a selection of songs that the browser can choose from let me know - that parts easy.

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