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Thread: the movie run full screen

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    Dear mr.moderator,

    I would like to know if I can make my swf file run full screen when it get published on the net. I just can't find the solution for it anywhere. Can anybody tell me the action script that i should add on? Please help me.



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    Full Screen Flash

    Well i know a way to put a HTML page in full screen:
    On your splash screen, where you choose weather to use HTML or FLASH, have a link:

    Place this in the head of the page

    <script language="javascript">
    function openWindow(page,window,attri){
    var openWin = window.open(page,window,attri);

    And this anywhere in the page

    <a href ="Javascript: openWindow('my_page.html','window_name','fullscree n=yes,scrollbars=no,statusbar=no,other_attributes' )">Click Here for flash</a>

    on the my_page.html have your swf file in 100% x 100% as a published HTML page, and it will open the page, and display the swf file in full-screen


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