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Thread: wskanaan read this please

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    has any one seen "wskanaan" flash footer ? i think it's really cool. but dont take my word for it. you can see it here


    Does any one have an idea how he was able to do it ?
    i mean the backgrounds simple enough .. thats just a loop, but the letters are moving randomly ( yes i watched it long enough) and the rollover thing is reall different to what i have seen so far ..
    but then, i am after all a newbie

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    u tried asking him?

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    Smile Thanks


    the speed is set using the random() function for each letter, which is an MC.

    addx =2 + random(30);
    addy =2 + random(10);

    then there are 8 frames, each two making one loop.

    frames 2: (this moves the clip to the right and down.)

    this._x += addx;
    this._y += addy;

    frames 3: check if it reached the bottom or right

    if (this._x>300){


    if (this._y>40){




    The other frames have similar code but

    4 and 5:

    add addx
    subtract addy

    6 and 7:

    subtract addx
    add addy

    8 and 9

    subtract addx
    subtract addy

    so each two frame combination moves the clip in one direction. When the clip reaches a certain position the loop goes to the appropriate frame that moves it in a particular direction.

    As for the rollover:

    two variables in frame1 hold the x any y positions. Then, when the mouse passes over the MC's are set back to place.

    Again, to other frames are there for measuring the distance of the mouse from the clip. Each clip has its number from 1 to 8. The position is set to change relative to the center of the swf, depending on how far the mouse is.

    New additions to come. I still did not get to the 15k limit.

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