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    Good Morning.

    I'm having a problem with my intro/contents. This is the way I have set things up:

    Index.html contains only code that points to another html file and opens it full screen (ie no browser info) I'm using this as my intro. I have included a skip/close button that uses the javascript close method to return back to normal browser mode. Everything works fine, however, I can't figure out how to include in the 'close' code a pass to another URL (ie: when the user clicks skip/close, I want the full screen to return to the main browser, and goto a designated URL) At the moment, when close is pressed, the full screen returns to the main browser window but its at my root domain (index.html)

    Is there syntax I can use in the get Url function that closes the full window and points to another html file at the same time??

    Thanks for your time


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    you could try http://www.javascript.com they have alot of free scripts

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