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Thread: case mod, need anime pic, plz help

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    Im going to take off my computer case and put plexi-glass on both the sides and top. I want to cut out a sticker of an anime person and put it on the inside of the plexi-glass on one side.

    Please help me find a simple anime picture which I could make on one side of my case. I'm thinking of having just half of the face against the backend of the side and then my name accross the middle of the side or someone like that.

    Just suggest any designs or anime pics plz. Thanks for any help.

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    ...perhaps someone in the midst of a dust storm?
    Or maybe the X-Men character STORM would go well with the arcs of static-electrical discharge going between your plexiglass casings.

    There's a reason computer cases are made of steel. But if you can live with the risk, it should look cool.

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    i don't think replacing the sides of the case with plexi glass will be to good........ but hey some people never even put the side casing onto their computers and it's ok so.... its up to u.....

    how about just painting the side of ur case.... i got a nuke sign on mine cause its so crap
    i think storm would be a good choice..... or kienskey(don't know how to speel it.... the nerd from EVA) he'd be good cause he's a nerd

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    since when are xmen, anime figures?? i would be thinking of... the girl in ghost in the shell i forgot her name ... or ..... chunli from streetfighter II the animated porn movie .....or .....evangelion

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