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Thread: link buttons/scrolling text--i'm still stuck

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    link buttons/scrolling text--i'm still stuck

    If you go to http://www.geneed.com, you can see an example of what I'm talking about. From the homepage, click the link "Molecular Biology" on the right side of the screen. In the movie, I'd like to replicate what is being done in the box called "CONTENTS"--I have the scrolling down, but how do I turn the text into links? Anyone? I recently downloaded Flash 5, so the SPECIFIC STEP to walk through this would be extremely helpful, as I'm not quite sure what-the-world I'm doing when it comes to the new Flash format.

    I received a reply to put a transparent button overtop:
    1. I'm don't know how to do this in a text field. Is this the best solution?
    2. Isn't there a way to turn the actual text into a link? How do I do this in a text field?


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    it's very easy...since you say you have the scrolling text down then i assume that you are doing this by loading an external textfile, correct? well then, if that is the case, you simply need to select your dynamic text box in your flash movie, and in the properties checkbox, check the HTML box........then all you do from there is, in your text file itself, place the correct .html tags for a hyperlink where ever you want, well, a hyperlink.

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