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Thread: loadmovie doesn't work after publishing the project

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    I'm working on a mac and have a swf-player that loads other swf-files (it's a project portfolio and each additional swf is a project...). when tested in flash, there is no problem, even published on my mac, it still works under netscape 4.x. but under windows, sometimes you can load one or two addirional swf, sometimes none. there don't seem to be any system. I'm using IE5.x and Netscape 4.x (IE works a bit better than Netscape but not sufficiently). I checked the file and directory structure .... it's running under the same structure under mac OS.

    HELP!!!! I'm really going to throw that Windows/&"*'+ out of the window.


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    I had a very similar problem and found that the *.swf file names must be all lower case or they won't load. Discovered this by accident (luck?) not in any documentation. Hope this helps you too.

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