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Thread: playing movies with in a button

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    I want to make a picture a button that when you mouse over it slowly starts to grow but it shrinks when you mouse off but when it starts to shrink it starts shrinking from the sive it was when the mouse off took place

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    perhaps try it like this ...

    you put your picture and button in a MC and throw it on stage. zeropoint of this MC should be the center of the pic. I tell you a script for an mc called "btt" in the instance-window.


    _root.bttx = _root.btt._x;
    _root.btty = _root.btt._y;
    _root.bttw = _root.btt._width;
    _root.btth = _root.btt._height;
    _root.btts = 100;

    _frame 2

    if ((_root._xmouse > (_root.bttx-(_root.bttw/2*(_root.btts/100))) and (_root._xmouse < (_root.bttx + root.bttw/2*(_root.btts/100))) and (_root._ymouse > (_root.btty-(_root.btth/2*(_root.btts/100))) and (_root._ymouse < (_root.btty+(_root.btth/2*(_root.btts/100))) and (_root.btts < 300)) {
    _root.btts += 2;
    if (((_root._xmouse <(_root.bttx-(_root.bttw/2*(_root.btts/100))) or(_root._xmouse >(_root.bttx + root.bttw/2*(_root.btts/100))) or(_root._ymouse <(_root.btty-(_root.btth/2*(_root.btts/100))) or(_root._ymouse >(_root.btty+(_root.btth/2*(_root.btts/100)))) and (_root.btts > 10 )) {
    _root.btts -= 2;
    _root.btt._xscale = _root.btts;
    _root.btt._yscale = _root.btts;



    hope it works & makes fun,

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