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Thread: Blurring, fading, and other such effects

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    How do you do effects such as blurring and fading? I need to know this before I can really get into doing anything useful. Thanks!

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    fading = changing the alpha of the movie clip where 100% is solid fill, 0% is completely transparent

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    Okay, and how do you change the alpha? And what about blurring and things like that?

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    make the object you want to fade into a symbol and motion tween (right click on a frame and select create motion tween) make a new keyframe (f6 on timeline) a few frames later on the same layer.

    now in the 2nd keyframe that you made, bring the effects panel (its in the instance panel window, or go to the window menu and find it there. find alpha in the dropdown list, and set it to 0 for a complete fadeout

    a blur can be made by duplicating the layer with the fade in it, and moving the duplicated symbol over when it is faded out, so it blurs as it alphas.

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    Okay, sweet, thank you. But one last question. How do you duplicate a layer. I tried right clicking on it and looking through the menus, but I couldn't find it.

    Also, your explanation of how you blur is a little confusing. Can you clarify it some please?

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    I highly recommend you check out a program called Swish. It is used for font effects and can be converted into SWF files. Go to http://www.swish.com.

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    OK I'll try...

    Here's my attempt at explaining one aspect of blur/transparency. It's sort of involved, but what the hey, trying to explain it will only help me understand it better... hopefully I can provide some assistance...

    first of all, what are you blurring/fading? text?Flash graphics? imported jpegs?

    Anyways, I'll start with a fade/onionskin effect....This one should be easy. Be creative, and you'll get what your looking fo based on the principles of this tutorial...(I hope)
    Step I
    1)Open flash
    2)write some text on the stage...
    3)select frame5 -rightclick- and insert keyframe
    4)Do the same on frame 10
    5)Now select the whole series of frames....
    6)Go to Insert>Create Motion Tween
    7)the Whole thing should be purple with two arrows in between the dots...
    8)select frame1 (first dot)
    9)Go to Modify>Instance
    10)In the little panel that comes up select "effect"
    11)Now select alpha-set it to 0%
    12)Now do the same for frame5, only set the alpha to 50%

    Test your movie, control>test movie to see your handiwork!

    Step II
    1)OK, now insert a new layer above the one you've just done.
    2)Select frames 1-10, right click and select copy frames.
    3)In your new layer right click, and paste frames.
    4)Create 4 more new layers, and copy/paste your original layer to each of them.
    5)OK, Now slect layer2, (all of the frames at once!)and drag it 3 frames ahead....
    6)Repeate this step for all of the other layers in your blur movie, keeping them each 3 frames ahead of each other.
    7)OK, now you'll need to make ech layer "last" as long as the last one does.

    8)Go to insert>frame to make each layer last as long as the duration it takes for your final layer to finish.

    Test your movie, control>test moviw to see your handiwork!

    Step III
    1)OK, Now for some added flavor to your "blur" click on the second "dot" in each layer, and randomly move your content
    around....subtle is best, but, hey whatever.

    2)Another option would be to go to Modify>transform and scale and rotate it slightly...

    Hopefully that helps, dude!
    Good luck!

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    Duplicating the layer...

    Hmmmn...I'd best clarify....

    OK, to duplicate the layer, lets say there's frames1>10 with content on it...

    1)To select it, I would leftclick on frame 11, and drag backwards to frame 1.

    2)Then rightclick, and select "copyframes"

    3)Then click on the new layer icon (that's the little folded sheet of paper with the "+" on it..)

    4)Select the first frame, and rightclick on it, and "select paste frames"

    Hope that helps...

    Swish rocks! Definitely get ahold of it, as it can really save you some time!(Plus it looks good, too!)

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    Okay, thanks, but all it did was fade in. Did I do something wrong or..?

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    Originally posted by Fyrestarter
    I highly recommend you check out a program called Swish. It is used for font effects and can be converted into SWF files. Go to http://www.swish.com.
    Yeah, I have Swish too, but I like the way Flash is set up alot better and stuff.

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    don't forget..

    like I said, each of the layers needs to be staggered.
    layer 1 starts on frame1 and ends on frame10
    layer2 starts on 4 and ends on 14
    layer3 starts on 8 and ends on 18

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    Yeah, I have em staggered. It just fades in and then stays there for a few seconds.

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    Hello?? LoL.

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