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Thread: Flash Gurus I Need Game Help

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    I really need help urgently, so could someone please help me out here, the first game is a slider puzzle, where you have a square with 9 boxes inside them, now at the start of the game 8 of those boxes that are inside form an image and on hitting the start button they get jumbled up and leave one empty space, the objective of the game is to push one of those boxes into the empty area and then put the jumbled up image back together again, so i dont even know how to go about it, can someone tell me or point to a link where i can get the open source (fla)

    The second game is an obstacle race, which is a board game, the board starts at position 1 and say ends at 20, there are 20 steps, on throw of a dice the person moves the number of steps that the dice has thrown, and at certain positions on the board there are instructions, like on the 4th step there may be an instruction saying you have landed in a pit so go back 3 steps and things like that, so now how do i make this game happen.

    Thanks a lot in advance, and hope someone can help me out there.

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    big questions... one sugestion:


    looks like it may have everything you need..

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