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Thread: CGI-BIN!

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    I'm adding a hi-score system,to a flash game. But,I have a problem,I have to call a cgi-bin to set the score.

    Flash Movie:

    When your dead.
    call /server/setscore.cgi?value=codified_string

    But I don't know who make it.

    I try to use geturl,but always open a new windows with the address of cgi-bin...

    I try to use LoadVariablesNum but only work in Flash Player,and I need to work in HTML.

    Someone help me?

    PD: My english is bad

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    having trouble understanding what you want to do.. So do you already have a script that saves the player score?
    and you want to send Your variables to the script right? or do you want to get variables from the script?

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