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Thread: more than one variable in a txt file?!?!

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    hey, can i have more than one variable per text file????
    its getting really annoying having to make a new text file for each variable i want to load.. i'm using a cgi script to send text into a txt file.. which the swf then picks up.. for instance adding available tracks for download..

    but i'm wondering how i get more than one bloody variable into a text file. and how to separate them.. or define where to look in a text file.

    any help much apprciated.

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    Just separate your variables with & sign. (example: variableA=6&variableB=7)

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    cheers man, nice 1.

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    If you are loading multiple variables from one external text file your text must be URL encoded so it would be something like this
    Var1=long%20blah%20blah%20blah%20blah&Var2=My%20ot her%20text.

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