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    how do i tell the flash file to associate with the server in receiving information like the last modified date... remember, this date has spaces so i can't switch from JS to flash variables and I tried using a cookie but had the same problem ... My only other option is to somehow have this displayed in a textfield in flash by calling the date from the server. how do i do this?

    Help greatly appreciated...

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    Simple, in your HTML code, use:

    <PARAM NAME=movie VALUE="yourflashfile.swf?lastmodified=<!--#echo var="LAST_MODIFIED"-->">


    EMBED src="yourflashfile.swf?lastmodified=<!--#echo var="LAST_MODIFIED"-->"

    for the OBJECT and EMBED tags, respectively. The Last Modified date will then be sent to your Flash movie as a variable called "lastmodified". (You will need Flash 4 for this to work).

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