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Thread: Internet Radio

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    I've been asked to help set up an Internet Radio station as part of a site that will be built primarily in flash. does anyone have any knowledge of how generally how Internet Radio works, and more specifically, if/how it can operate through a Flash or Director Interface.

    If someone could point me in the right direction it'd be much appreciated.



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    I have some experience with netcasting. I used to Host and Produce Canada Grade A. A weekly music and comedy broadcast. http://www.streamworks.ca/canada

    I can not stress enough the importance of chosing a player that is compatible with the audience. These days that player is Real Player. More people have it installed than any other player.

    You might consider embedding the Real Player in a flash presented page. It's quite easy.

    Good luck with your project.

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    all u need to know is in http://www.shoutcast.com

    i've done the radio so i know it works...matter of fact i'm planning on doing http://www.SoFreshRadio.cjb.net


    (my e-mail is mcvandal2k1@hotmail.com if u need help)

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    Id go with Real Media using Real Player and using Real Producer. Its a great way to run internet radio. If you having your listeners connect to you make sure your running a fast connection or use a server you can bounce off of that is reliable and allows alot of hits and test it for how much it can take. Or you can pre-record your show and put it on a streaming server and that way people can listen to you whenever.

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    Can it be done using flash?

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    yes it can. You stream with shoutcast, and play it with flash:

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