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Thread: Making an exe flash file run

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    How do I make an .exe file run automatically when I write the exe is on a CD. What file can i create to the CD to tell it to run.. I have no idea.. so please explain all details...

    The file name for example is: intro.exe


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    very simple procedure:

    1) Create a text file named "autorun.inf" (the name is non negotioable)

    2) Open the file with notepad and put the following bolded text inside. Non bolded text is just a description and should not be included in the file.

    [autorun] <--tells computer that the following is "autorun" perameters

    OPEN=INTRO.EXE <--tells computer to open the listed file upon insertion of cd

    ICON=cd.ico <--gives computer the name of the custom icon file that will replace the normal cd player icon upon insertion of the cd (this parameter is optional)

    3) Copy the autorun.inf file, the .exe file, and any .ico files to the root directory of the cd

    4) The cd will now run the specified file on any computer with autorun enabled

    Hope it helps

    After reading my post I realized it may be hard to decern what to put in the file based on my description. Bottom line is put the following text in an "autorun.inf" file on the root directory of your cd:


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    Was most helpful.

    I understand.

    Thanks again

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