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Thread: tweening--what the? alpha...

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    What's going on here? I've been making making a little animation with some instances thrown in. The instances are basically arrows and text identifying something in the movie. Now...all I want to do is fade these arrows and text in, but every way that I do this, the instance does not stay in place.

    In other words. I have my instance at frame 1 and then I copy this frame and paste it into frame 5. Next, I add a tween between the 2 frames and then, at frame 1 I switch the alpha to 0% so that it will fade in. When I run a test of the scene, not only does it fade [what I want it to do], but the instance also moves [not what I want it to do]. Help!! Seems like this should be easy, but I'm having all sorts of troubles. WHAT-DO-I-DO?

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    Put the Instance on frame1 and set the alpha to 0% then insert a keyframe on frame5. Now set the alpha in frame5 to 100% and finally add motion tweening between the two frames.

    Flash is very particular about the order in which you do things.

    Also make sure that each Instance you are animating is on its own layer.

    hope that helps

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