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Thread: HOW?--do I move a buttload of frames?

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    I've added about a hundred extra frames at the beginning of my movie, and now I need to shift everything down on the timeline. Other than going to each layer and dragging it down precisely 100 frames, is there another way to do this? Seems like there's gotta be a way to move a bunch of them all at once and also seems like I should be able to plug in a number to some properties box so that the frames will shift and I don't have to get eyestrain by eyeballing the timeline numbers. Suggestions?

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    unfortunately, there is no easy way to do that as far as I know. Hopefully, that will be implemented as a pallete or something in the next version. What you can do is select all of the frames and layers (except your new 100 frame layer).

    Go to the end of the timeline and click-and-drag (start on an empty frame outside of the last frame on the timeline or you'll inadvertently move an element of your movie). Then right click somewhere on the selection and click "cut frames". Then, on a new layer go to frame 100 and right click and select paste frames. The drawback is all of the cut layers will loose any names you've given them.


    create a new layer and delete all but 100 frames. Select all of those frames, right click and copy the frames, then go to the beginning of every layer that needs to be moved and paste those 100 frames into the beginning.

    Somebody may have a better, quicker idea....this is all I can suggest. Good luck!


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    select eeeverything you want in all the frames and layers and drag it down 100 frames. It's really not that hard because it tells you what frame you're on right below the timeline.
    hope this is relevant to your question

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