Okay! Buttons!!!!!!!!!

refer to http://www.shoeboxproductions.com/index2.swf


I've made a button. right.

Now the button starts a movie going which is lays over the button.

mouse over. fade movie in and hold.
mouse out. fade movie out and hold.

the movie contains two more buttons.
taking up only a portion of the room. (however eventually the movie will be split into three sections with three buttons.) ie it will be covered completely.

and when i move over these buttons...... the movie fades out. essentially i guess it is a mouse out. i am no longer over the first "main" button........

how can i structure it so the second two buttons will work as children of the movie. without overriding the first button.

i know i could fake it by giving them the same actions as the main button, but then this disrupts the continuity of the movie and everything goes to hell........

Please help. this one is reaaaaaallly stumping me.
(and it doesn't take much ;-)

Please check out the address to see the problem. it occurs after the loading screen. keep in mind that the buttons dont go anywhere. its just that entry bit.

Thanks all.