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Thread: Advanced pause function

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    hey all,

    I need to pause a function for a set amount of time.

    This is the best i've been able to come up with but it causes the script to stop responding.

    main (){
    if (doit == true){

    pause (){
    timer = new Date();
    now = timer.getTime();
    finish = now + 10
    while (now < finish){
    now = timer.getTime();

    Any one got any ideas? There has to be a way to create a puse with out using the timeline or any goto actions!

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    Hey creativeflow,
    Try the script found here


    Ive never tried it but i came across it when someone else suggested this site on a thread, it looked pretty useful so i kept it in mind.

    hope it does "it" for you...

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    Thanks-But that's not it


    Thanks for the suggestion but I need to do it purly through code. Basically a loop that will keep looping for 0.5 seconds and then the calling fuction will resume.

    Another way of thinking about it is:

    I have a for loop that is rotating a square by 5 degrees everytime it loops, inorder to have it appear as an animation I need to insert a pause in the loop in order to slow down the animation.

    I know it can be done in many ways but the only way that I can do it for this movie is with the use of a single function because there is no animation is the entire movie, everything is code.

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