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Thread: Dot Com Budget

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    I have a question ...it is ... what it takes to setup a dot com company? ...any paper work or budget statement to share? ... then come ... reply this email and feel free to share your thoughts and thinking about how to setup an e-business. The company will do manage a web portal where there will be a web community (chat, email, auction), online transaction( selling club merchandise/membership), advertising banner management, webcasting(video/audio), updated web content, and maybe one or two web application. So what does it takes? ... how much that will cost? $150,000 << is it enough ? ... for your information I'm in Malaysia.

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    I believe you are two years too late.

    Even if you get the massive traffic, your overhead will far exceed any kind capitol received through an ad based revenue model. Many learned this lesson the hard way.


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    yep, but it was fun while it lasted

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