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Thread: Screensaver changing with dates

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    I'm going to produce a screensaver with SWF Studio. Any ideas how I can get the saver to change on a particular date? The idea is to have a countdown to a launch date perhaps using a date object actionscript? Countdown clock linked to the PCs internal clock? Perhaps something that references the clock and displays a message "X days to launch!" or something. Maybe have the scene change according to the date.. A slowly growing plant perhaps?

    Any ideas greatly appreciated. Actionscript is going into my head slowly!

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    There are a couple of obvious ways you might do this.

    You could mess about with the actionscript and add date processing. If all your contents was in the SCR to start with then it would always work, even if the user was offline.

    You could put an SWF or txt file (with variables) on your web site and have the screen saver load that file each time it started. Dynamic content.

    You could even combine these techniques to download dynamic content only when the date changed (a little more efficient).

    I'm releasing a new build of SWF Studio tonight (Build 1499) that will fix the problem with getting content from the web using loadMovie, loadVariables and the XML objects.

    Stay tuned :

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    I found a couple of ways to do this...


    is one way..still working through it. There are a few things I'm not sure how to do.

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