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Thread: Error Testing Movie

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    I have a weird problem that has been going on. I start working on something and then i press CTRL + Enter to test it, about three of those loading blocks come up then an error comes up. It says:

    Flash has caused an error in FLASH.EXE.
    Flash will now close.

    If you continue to experience problems,
    try restarting your computer.

    And then Flash must be closed. BUt the weird thing is that it only does this on a few of my projects (the one's that took a long time to do), and the files themselves are not corrupted because my friend tried anhd they worked for him. I tried restarting my computer and even reinstalling, i don't know what to do. Please help me.

    P.S. This also happens when I try to export movies.
    P.P.S. F12 doesn't work either.

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    Please help I have a deadline to get this done and really need help.

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    You have tried reinstaling Flash huh? I would say uninstall it again...run Regedit and delete all Flash references and run Misrosoft Regclean and Norton Utilities. Then reinstall...but if that does no good it sounds like a problem a good old reformat and reinstall would fix...

    Hope you get it working...Peace.

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    I would hope I don't have to reformat because then I'll lose everything.

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    I uninstalled all versions of Flash on my computer. I then deleted all references to Flash from the registry. I then re-installed it and still no luck. Has anyone else had this problem? It's really starting to get annoying, I do not want to re-format, is there any other way?

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    I don't think so...if that didn't fix it bro then I am guessing you got a Windows problem...we all know it gets like that after a year or so. I would back up all vital data and do the old FDISK and FORMAT C:...hope you get it goin'...peace.

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    Damn, maybe I'll just wait until Flash 6 comes out....

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