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Thread: good business site

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    this is my first site using flash. There is nothing too fancy but I think it is clean and easy to navigate. All useful suggestions are welcome.


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    looks pretty good. you might want to center your intro on the page. i'm viewing at 1024x768 and it's kind of scrunched on the left. also... on the Who We Are page, you might want to have the biography information come up right away and then have a link going to the resume at the bottom or on the side.

    could you have the top part and the bar on the left always be up and just change the image each time you go to a new section? it's kind of jerky when it reloads everytime and i'm on a dsl line.

    on the client page- it might be neat to have a little blurb about your company maybe how your customers' sales have increase because of your services, something other than just links. it's just nice to read something and then have options to click on. also- you might want to link to your customers' websites.

    kind words page- most of the links on the left don't work right.

    overall, i'd say it's a very nice presentation.

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    Really nice for being your first flash site.

    I like the navigation, it really lets you jump straight into the content with no confusion.

    Keep up the good work

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