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Thread: Timeline Problems

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    I have a MC instance in an exact spot on my timeline. I want to have that MC run, at lets say frame 28, without any intervention by the user. This seems very easy but I can't get it to work.

    I tried putting an action in the frame where I want the MC to run, and coding it with:

    If Frame Is Loaded (1)
    Begin Tell Target ("/flare")
    End Tell Target
    End Frame Loaded

    Shouldn't the MC just execute, or is there still something else.


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    Just an idea :o)

    You could just give the buttons on your site their action past that point.

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    I don't have any buttons on my site. I just want the MC to play on its own.


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    When you put a movie clip on a time line Flash will, by default, start playing it automatically. No scripting is required for this to happen.

    It's hard to suggest a solution with seeing the problem if you email the fla to me I'll fix it and mail it back to you.


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