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Thread: Another Qu. for Northcode

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    Hi Northcode,

    Thanks again for your help yesterday. I managed to download the trial- it looks great and I'm finding my way around using the online help.

    I'd really like to try the tuts too but I'm getting a file not found error when I click the links... Are there no tuts posted yet, or am I missing something?


    (Also...whats's the difference between the export and build options?)

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    I removed the tutorials section because it was empty, I haven't had the time to build them yet. I thought I removed the link too. Sorry about that. As soon as I have any tutorials ready I'll post them.

    Build creates your SCR or EXE files and possibly a CD layout directory. Export allows you to move a project to a new machine or share it with another SWF Studio user. Export will gather up all the files referenced in your project and put them in a directory along with a copy of your SPF. This new SPF file uses relative links to all your files so they no longer reference directories on your development machine.

    Think of Export more like a special version of "Save". It used to be under the Save menu but nobody seemed to notice it there

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