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Thread: Load Movie Invisibly?

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    Hi all,
    Well, it's Friday and the weekend beckons. However, before we head to the pub can anyone help me with the following:

    I'm trying to redo my company's website (www.creativemarketinguk.com) using the Load Movie function, rather than using scenes which I'm finding tend to jump around a bit if the whole movie isn't loaded. Is there a means of loading swf's invisibly - i.e. so that even though a user is looking at one page the others are invisibly loading on an unseen level. At the moment the load movie function is very, very slow - have a look: http://www.creativemarketinguk.com/CM2/index.htm

    Cheers and have a good weekend. If you're reading this on Monday hope you HAD a good weekend!


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    Put a blank frame (with a stop() action) on the first frame of the movies you are loading. The when you want them to appear just target the loaded movie and gotoAndStop(2);

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