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Thread: Dual PC / MAC projector CD with loadMovie Command problems!!

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    I am building a dual format CD built on a PC.
    It consists of a Mac and PC projector with a folder of SWF files which both projector formats call upon with a load movie command at the end of each game.

    My problem is that these loadMovie command work on the PC but not on the Mac…. Any suggestions?!!

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    Post not sure with flash but with director

    Im not totally sure how everything will work with flash im a bit rust with that program, but with director I was having the same problem getting it to load different files and working on the mac but not on the pc.

    Some things to check:

    PCs and Macs have different file paths, so make sure yours are relative, if not set a search path up somehow.

    If that doesn't work you can use toast five to burn two seperate partitions on the same cd one mac and one pc so that they work on the same cd.

    hope that was of some help.

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    Also check that the file names are not to long. The Mac filenames can only be 32 characters long. If you have super long filenames on the PC the mac may not work them out to be the same file.

    To be really safe you could stick with 8.3 but I think that is overkill.

    The best solution was from Spaghettio, where you have two partitions that way you can have your own icons and file layout when you stick the CD into a mac, rather than generic icons.



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    Hi olliebird,

    Another thing to check is to make sure your projectors are in the same folder as your swf files.

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    I'm dragging this thread back to life. Is it still true that the Mac projector must be in the folder with the swf files that you are loading? It has worked for a project I've had out there for years (to have the app buried in with the 40 or so swfs), but there must be another way. I finally bought a refurbished Mac to test the project out and couldn't find a way to have the app outside the folder that has the swf files to load. It works great on a PC. The user doesn't have to go through the files to find the exe file, but not for the mac.

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