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Thread: Jump to a new scene from a button inside a movie clip

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    Hi gurus out there,
    I have a movie clip on my main timeline with a moving button in it. When i try giving action to this button to jump onto a new scene using 'Goto' command, i don't get other scenes listed other than the current scene.Help me out pleaseeeeeeeeeeee!

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    Just look at the problem a different way. Set a variable on your main timeline when you press the button eg. /:newscence =1. On your main timeline just keep checking for the value. hope this helps

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    Hi crazy

    you will have to use the tell target action: just label the first frame of the next scene and put this on your button-

    Begin Tell Target ("/")
    Go to and Play ("labelname")
    End Tell Target

    You can also say

    Begin Tell target ("_level0")
    Go to and Play ("labelname")
    End tell Target

    This is useful for addressing timelines between loaded movies in other levels

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    Smile Thanx!!!

    [B]Hi Joe,

    Thanx for your solution! That worked perfectly alright.
    My first flash site is on a trial run at http://www.adityamotors.com. Please review it and give me feedback.
    I have split each category into individual flash files and linked from the main page using Load Movie Command. Is that fine?.Any tips has to how to make a site more effective in terms of download speed etc.?


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    Hi crazy

    Glad it worked for you. I'll happily have a look at your site but the link doesn't appear to work. I tried http://www.adityamotors.com./index.html and got a quite nice looking site (Tulsyan.com).

    Maybe that wasn't the site but there is a serious problem with the navigation there: If you re-size the window the content is covered by the navigation layer

    I have also built a site with load movies, it's a good way to keep initial download size down, makes maintenace easier and allows for loading only what the user wants.

    From experience: I'd load into levels rather than play around with scenes. Hopping backwards and forwards between scenes usually fires off annimation you might want to use only once. Then you have to do a load of scripting to cure it.

    Also movies can be loaded into levels and "parked" on a blank frame till needed. You can trigger this loading after the main movie and home page has been loaded so that the next "scene" is instantly ready.
    It's harded to do that with movies loaded into movie clips.

    If you have some feature that is shared between "scenes" you can load that into a movie clip as needed - after the first time it's played it will be cached and therefore display immediately.

    Scrolling text is a good example. The scrolling bit is a .swf loaded into a blank mc on a level and the text is drawn in as well from a .txt text file. Change the text file as needed and then when you shift scenes re-load the scrolling .swf into another mc on another level.
    (That's more applicable to flash 4 where you can't share libraries between movies.

    Remeber, you can also post a thread in the
    site check forum and you'll get more advice there as well.

    Hope this helps and good luck

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