hey everyone.
i created a flash menu (drop down menu), for my site, and i have a slight problem. the stage for my movie was initially 600 px by 150 px. i published the movie, and used SSI to incorporate it with another page. (basically, i wanna do this for everypage, seeing as how it is a menu) Anyway, when the page comes up, there is too much space between the menu and the body of the page. I know it is because the stage for the movie is 150 pixels in height, so i try to cut it down, but then the menu's width changes, and it becomes very small. any ideas on what i can do to keep the width the same, and have text moved up?

here is what i mean: http://herne.concordia.ca/~athakkar/history.html

there is too much space between the word History and the menu.

thanks in advance.