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    Hello all

    I am in need of some help for my new website - I plan on creating a slow, scrolling bar with squares moving across the page, and when the user's mouse moves over it they stop, and a link & information appear. On rollover the scrolling continues from this point - basically mouse-over 'pauses' the scrolling. How do i do this, as well as making it in a loop - they continue scrolling continuously without a break in the loop (i can only make stuff scroll past then a long break as the picture jumps back to the other side and the movie clip repeats). The closest example i can find is the one on http://www.westwood.com

    Thanks alot in advance for your time.

    .:v u l c a n i s:.

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    You have the right concept. Here are some tips:
    *Make sure that your scolling item is in a movieclip.
    *Inside of your movieclip, make sure that you have at least two or three of the items that you are scrolling lined up and are placed side by side.
    ex: [1111111111][11111111111][11111111111]
    each [1111111111] represents one instance of the scrolling item. Place all three of these instances on one layer and the first one should be aligned with the center stage with the other two to the right. (they will probably be offstage and that is ok)

    *make sure that you are not showing anymore that one or one and a half of the scrolling instance on your mainstage at any given time, or you will have gaps. Use Masks to accomplish this.
    If non of this makes sense, then try this:
    http://www.flashkit.com/movies/Third...08/index.shtml or this

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