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Thread: Ahh..... I feel like an idiot! Please help me!

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    I'm stuck! Can someone help me please?

    I'm trying to have a button that when clicked, unloads ALL movies on the page. They are all separate movies. And i cant edit the html doing it. Is there a way in Flash?

    Also, does anyone have any footage of time-lapse clouds? Sorta like 2Advanced.com. Dont worry, i'm not knocking them off. I know FlashKit has lots of members, so i think someone might have some. If you have any could you send it to me please?

    Thanks sooooooooo much! You dont know how much you have helped!

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    Assign this action to a button in flash:
    on (release) {
    unloadMovieNum (1);}
    on (release) {
    unloadMovieNum (2);}
    on (release) {
    unloadMovieNum (3);}

    The number is the level that the movie is loaded into:
    Level 1, level2 etc

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