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Thread: Pop up Window AGAIn!

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    Here is the way I handle this effect:
    Design your main movie however you want, but leave a space that the windows will load into. Create the pop up windows in a new swf with the exact deminsions as your main movie (this will allow you to know exactly where to place them on the stage as that is where they will show up in your main movie). You can design them however you like with motion tween, text etc. Include a button in the window that has the action:
    ON (press)
    Unloadmovienum (10)
    end on
    Once you have that done, on any button in the main movie assign the action
    on (press)
    Loadmovienum (window.swf, 10)
    end on
    i dont understand what it means "end on"... i didnt find an action like that... ... could some one send me a basic FLA of how u do this? Plase help or just make it little more simp explanation for a sipmple person = ) THANX U

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    The "end on" is Flash 4. Flash 4 used it to say that it was finished with the action: As such: On (press) = start action
    and end on = end action. Just a context within flash 4
    This same script in Flash 5 looks like this:
    on (press) {
    loadMovieNum ("movie.swf", 10);

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    thanx u

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