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Thread: OK - is there a set date for flash 5 then?

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    Right - we all know there's some legal crap (I haven't commented on it, as I guessed we all knew Adobe are utter bastards) - but is there anything approaching a firm date for the release of Flash 5?

    I kinda think that those who have pre-ordered the software should be given a clue to when they can expect it. Macromedia, bless 'em, don't really seem to want to tell us - and it may not be their fault, but it would be nice to know. Roughly would do - and maybe they could let those who have paid upfront what the curent situation is.

    Curse those lawyers.


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    Macromedia released on their site that Flash 5 will be available for shipment some time in September. As far as i know they didn't give an exact date and if these legalities keep going on that date may be pushed back anyways

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    at flashforward 2000 i heard mention of September 1. But that may change due to all the legal ramblings going on.

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