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Thread: A button that changes color after press...?

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    How do you do this? I want to be able to assign on mouse event actions to the button as well, so embedding it inside an mc is out of the question (since you cant give buttons instance names). Ive come across this problem several times... please give me a hint...

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    What you could do is have the button inside a movie clip that has an instance name. You could then add your Onmouseevent to the button and telltarget back a level and target the movie clip that contains the button.

    I probably could have written that in a clearer fashion. Good Luck

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    Similar to what frazeart said...

    The way I construt my complex buttons is to create a movie clip with 3-4 frames, each frame being a different state of the button. Then I place my image/movieclip on the frame and place an invisible button behind it.

    Hope this helps.



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