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Thread: Creating a loading page...

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    Hello everyone,

    I'm wondering if you all can tell me how to create a loading page and how to have my movie open in full screen mode? I want it to open up a lot like http://www.egomedia.com.

    Their movie loads in full screen moade loads after and the html page loads.


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    Where to begin?

    First off,

    1 - Egomedia starts off with an html page with a flash detection movie -- you can create the same thing using a movie with three frames (and putting it in an html page)...

    -On the first frame you can have the actions:
    with (_root) {
    gotoAndStop (3);

    -On the second frame you can have the actions:
    getURL ("getflash.htm", "_self");
    stop ();
    **This will redirect your audience to an html page you've created that has the info for the Flash 5 download**

    -On the third frame you can have the actions:
    stop ();
    **This is the html page containing your fabulous movie**

    I'm pretty sure I haven't missed anything.



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