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    Here's my dillema: I'm making a flash photo gallery with a scroller at the bottom that shows thumbnails of the larger pics. To keep the size down I'm creating individual flash movies for the larger pics. However, when I load them into my main movie I can't get them to go where I want them to. I tried loading them into different levels and into a target, but with no luck. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get the movies to load where I want them to. Any assistance is appreciated.

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    If you load a movie that is smaller than the main movie (i.e. the one in level0) then it automatically goes to the top left corner.

    The simplest way(s) to do what you want is to either make loaded movies the same size, or use masks to hide what's underneath.

    You could also preload a movie and hide it, then make it visible when you need it.

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