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Thread: 2Advanced Wallpapers

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    Sup...I went to 2advanced.com his new site..that just recently came out...and wanted to know, if anyone knows..where to get the backgrounds...of tall buildings ad everything...? or does he make that in a 3d program like 3d studio max??
    need feed bak..thanx..out

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    Well, It looks to me like it is stock photography. There are millions of places to get it from. Lookin in the links section. Some are listed there.

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    There are many Graphic and Web Designers who are also photographers. My guess is that he took these himself. Not very difficult to find large buildings in a big city like LA, where he lives, I think.


    That's from a photo I took. Not hard to really manipulate an architectural photograph, lot of practice and time and Photoshop. I've always been into using my own photos, and since getting a very nice digital camera when I graduated from college in May, I'm 100% devoted to taking all my own photos now.


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    Yeah, I would bet that EJ uses stock photography. That would be simpler than complex rendering in a 3D program.

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    I know

    I am a photographer by hobby and a serious one at that. They are definelty stock photos. Anyway, im dissapointed that the new 2a looks like gmuck in many ways.

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    A good website to get great photos of just about anything out there is http://www.photodisc.com . You have to register and pay for it monthly I believe, but I'd say it's well worth it if you have the extra cash. Of course it's really annoying when you need a picture taken at a certain angle, or in a certain lighting and none of them are exactly what you want. Oh on photodisc you can search for photos without registering but they will have a logo on them. At least then you could see if their archive has the kind of things you are looking for.

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