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Thread: i know i'm annoying :) but i got another problem now plz help

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    oooookay in my last posts i asked how to load and control swfs in my movie...every problem solved
    ....except one
    the new loaded swf is always over all other symbols and mcs from my maintimeline
    i tried to put the loadmovienum - action into different layers without success
    would be nice if anyone can help me!!! thx

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    The reason for this is that when you're loading the movie it's loading into a level (which can't be layered underneath anything on the main timeline)

    Probably the best work-around is to load the movie into a 'target' rather than a 'level', this way if you place it on a layer under your buttons/images/whatever it will actually appear under them.

    In order to accomplish this you must create an empty movie clip... then place it on the stage and give it an instance name like 'container'(you can place this movie on a layer under your buttons/images/etc..)

    Then when you want to load your movie use the function:

    loadMovie ("mymovie.swf", "container");

    (in the first selectable box on the second line of the actionscript window you can select either 'target' or 'level', make sure you choose 'target'

    Hope this helps.



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