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    I was ask to develop a 3 min flash presentation for an exibit and I just need to know if it is advisable to use flash considering that they will use a wide screen for my presentation. What should I do to avoid my presentation to distort or pixelate. pls help

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    ive been doin that kinda stuff for months now.. heres all i can say.. flash vector animations wont pixelate no matter how big the screen is, as long as its a vector graphic.. regarding bitmap graphics, i seldom use it for they pixelate especially if exported into low-resolution files optimize for the web... you can however use bitmaps but resample all images at a bit higher resolution.. but not so high that it will compromise your processor and ram speed. 96-100dpi will do... dont worry bout the file size now, for i assume you wont stream this 3-min presentation in the web, right? so need not worry bout huge file size here for it will be showed within the local machine and not via the web... i hope that lil pointers of mine can help you in any way.


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