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Thread: adhoc network

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    I'm trying to get a adhoc connection working between my desktop (which also has an internet cable connection and windows 2000) and my laptop running on windows ME.

    I'm using two DWL-120 adapters from d-link.

    sharing folders that are on the laptop works perfect, but if I want to access my desktop, my laptop asks for a "Network password" and I can't even get to the folders that are shared.. Where do I set this password? It isn't the password I use to log in to windows 2000 --- don't remember setting any other passwords, though..

    Also, how can I share my internet cable connection with my laptop?


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    ok, I've got file-sharing working now just my internet connection

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    I decided to try the Sygate Home Network trial ... (anyone got experience with that :/)(www.sygate.com)

    .. No success yet.. Sygate does however tell me that I have an internet connection... any ideas?

    Oh, and also pretty weird is that I can't seem to ping my notebook anymore.. desktop is set at notebook The file sharing is still working properly and I can ping my desktop from the notebook...

    this networking is a lot harder than I thought )

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    never mind, got it working...

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    I used a proxy server before ( Wingate ). Then I decided to go with the hardware solution and a bought a cable modem router. I bought the Netgear RT314 router. Its much better than running a proxy server on one comp. If you are constantly moving the labtop around and are on the go I would stay with the software solution ( Sygate ). You might want to try wingate when you run out of your trial time. http://www.wingate.com .

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    thanks for the info. I really like that Sygate program, certainly the option that lets you create a floppy for the clients, really nice feature...

    I'm thinking of maybe buying an access point when I get some more money

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    Ive been failing miserably trying to do win 98 ICS. which is odd as it's supposed to be really easy.

    what protocols do you guys use?

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    just an afterthought - I nearly set up a record label called 'deFUNKT' once. literally with those caps an' all.

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    haha, that's cool..

    Well, with sygate, I first set up the network cards on my computers so that file sharing worked.

    then I loaded sygate on both the computer that has internet connection and the one that needs to get it...

    Once you have the 'server' set up correctly, there's an option 'make disk for clients'

    Just pop that floppy in the client, run the program, reboot, and internet sharing worked...

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