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Thread: Making mp3 files downloadable to site visitor

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    Here is the situation:
    You can go to
    to view the basic graphic elements that I have started. It's a real simple site. The guy just wants to put samples of his voice-overs on the web to market himself. He is a DJ at a radio station.
    Anyway, if you go to the demo page, when you select on a speaker, you should get audio and the option to download an mp3 or realplayer file.
    I can get it to play the .wav file (not on the version out there) but I have no idea how to make the mp3 nor the .rm files downloadable and no amount of help from flash is helping me. I am sure that you just put these files on
    the ftp site, and give some sort of command that directs the file to the visitor's hard drive. I think that it might have something to do in a buttons properties, either Get URL or Download movie? insert target path???
    I've tried different combos but it ain't none of it workin'.
    Can someone please help me out with this?

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    ya, ya I wanna know too.

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    Me Too

    I Would Like To Know How Do I Make MP3s Downloadable.

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    Here's what I suggest:

    -Trigger the sound to play on "rollover" instead of "release"
    -To allow the user to download the file, use the GetURL action. You have 2 ways to approach this:

    (1) Allow the user to download the file from your website (ie Your ISP) If the file is named music.mp3, use the GetURL action "http://www.yourdomain.com/music.mp3"

    (2) If you are limited to space on your ISP, allow the user to FTP into your box, if you have one.


    That should do the trick

    Good Luck

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