this has probably been asked a million times before, but please have some patience when you read this.

i'd like to make an interactive cd-rom that shows a few tutorials and offers some rich media content. along with doing this, i'd like to allow the user to install software from the cdrom onto their hard drive. can anybody offer some suggestions on how this could be done?

the cdrom will have a directory with programs in it, for example, x(dive letter):\programs\programname.exe

what i'd like to do, is when the user inserts the cdrom, a menu will popup on the screen. after which, the user can select from the menu which program they'd like to install.

is there is command that would allow, say..instead of clicking a link to goto to a website, the link would direct you to an .exe file on the completed cdrom?

is this even possible. i've seen commercial cd's have this option.

thanks again,