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Thread: how do you make transparent gifs 'transparent'

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    i might be missing something really simple but when i import a gif the transparent part shows up slightly ,turning the alfa down doesnt fix it

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    What program are you making your gifs in? and How are you making the transparent part "Transparent"?

    I have had success with this in the past using photoshop 6. Here is what I do:
    1. Select the area you want to show in Flash
    2. Copy it to a new layer, or new image
    3. Delete the contents of the background layer, or turn off the background layer visibility.
    4. Use "Save for web"
    5. On the Save for Web screen you should see your image with a gray and white checkerboard background in the transparent areas.
    6. Make sure there is a gray and white checkerboard square in the colors palette
    7. Save your file

    That's it. Let me know if it works for you.

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    if possible, use png's

    I don't know if you HAVE to use gif's, but if not, and you can consider another fileformat, then I recommend using png files. PNG files have a nice aplha layer or whatever it may be called, so you can have semi tranparent images in your flash movie.

    Kind regards,

    Tobias Beuving

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