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Thread: Flash Player Stand-Alone Install

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    I just bought a new box to run a Swish/.swf/screensaver as a window display in my photography studio. I purposely bought this Dell stripped down without a modem and everything else because I just want to run this screensaver 24/7 with no keyboard or mouse.

    My problem is now that I cannot figure how to install a Flash player so the .swf file will be recognized.

    Any solutions out there?

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    More clarification

    What I meant to say was that Macromedia's download center does not let you find the player all by itself. It bonds with your computer but mandates you have an internet connection.

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    Macromedia does not release it's stand alone player you must have Flash5 to install it.
    Pick up a copy of swfbrowser from http://swifftools.com
    with swf browser you can save the swf's as projector files
    (exe's) that need no player to view and as screensavers that you can place into your computer. It also comes with it's own standalone player for viewing swf's

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    Okay I downloaded the player from SwiftTools, so now what would a user need to have installed in order to view a projector.exe file? Or is everything embedded someone so that they can view just by launching the executable?

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    here is your player

    I beleive this is what you are looking for...

    Flash32.exe is the file for you.

    Tryple 8

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    Re: here is your player

    Thanks a bunch...I had hoped I could count on this NG.
    Appreciate it!

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    Notice the bar that separates the file directory from the view area.
    There is a little red diamond between Q and F
    Click it and it will create your exe

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