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Thread: would anyone be interested in my actionman source?

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    I started working on action man, wanting to create a megaman type game. I was getting pretty far, but have simply gotten tired of the project. This usually happens to me I go full force on a project and then it dies out. This is what is done of the game so far:


    If your interested in the source please leave a message here.

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    I would love to have a look at the FLA if you don't mind...you can e-mail me a copy at virtuoso18@aol.com, I have been following your progress and I think you have done and incredible job! I don't understand why you are quitting it ... E-mail me, I may have a project you might be interested in joining....

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    Smile I would like to see it as well

    I am also intersted as I am (slowly) working on a similar platform game & i wanted to incorporate my hero being able to shoot at his enemies.

    u can email me at linkmaster40@hotmail.com


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    i dont want to see all of it- just a look at your jumping code. but could you post it in this thread? its not really worth an email.....

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    If you could post the .fla somewhere for us to download, I'd much appreciate it. Many Thanks.

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    If you goto the site in the original post, there is now a link right underneeth the movie to download the source. If anyone does use the source please post in here and let me know. I would like to know who I'm helping out =) Also if you need help to understand anything in the code I'll try to explain my best.... warning, I'm a little sloppy with my coding =)

    virtuoso18: What's that project?

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    Smile Cool ...

    I was actually going to start on a megaman clone, myself. Could I get the FLA (doctor_zick@yahoo.com) thanks

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    The .fla is posted at the original site:


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