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Thread: Pay someone from flashkit...

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    What forum is appropriate for soliciting an experienced scriptor for a simple script ?...JBOMB

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    How about you just write to me . All information in my footer, if you are interested!

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    Unfortunately our agreement with Dice.com forced the closure of the jobs forums here. Were-here.com have jobs forums if no one snaps this up.

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    Thx you 2...Well i dont want to break any agreements so I'll keep it casuall and in the coffee lounge...

    In a nut shell...

    My flash piece will go something like this...
    21 different colored M&M's
    10 different containers (like acrylic tube or box)

    The user will choose any color combination...
    when they are done choosing they will hit a button to generate a graphic of what the custom color combination will look like in the container they selected .

    I HAVE ALL THE GRAPHICS (M&M's and containers) and will be making the entire flash piece myself...

    But the script that will do this is out of my range...

    In addition to the color and container selection i need to make it so the user can upload his or her company logo.
    the logo upload is secondary to the color thing...

    because of the brand involved here this flash piece would look nice in my (and your) portfolio.....however i will have to decline the client if there is noone to help me with this script...

    so there it is...
    i know the script isnt impossible and ill pay a reasonable price for it...

    someone who could handle the logo upload part as well would be ideal but...

    my email :... jtkay@pacbell.net

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