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Thread: How'd They Do That?

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    I was shopping a paintball site and they have a pop-up window that will let you view the marker 360 degrees. I has navigation controls for zoom in/out and left/right. Is there a utility for this effect or just take the "hard code" approach in Flash 5? Here is the URL to see it in action...


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    No one has answered this, so I thought I would.

    I don't know of any utility that will do that for you. However, something like that could be done with a movie clip in Flash once you have the 3D output of either a few different views like the example you posted or a full rotational sequence. Just tellTarget your movie clip with nextFrame and previousFrame actions on your left and right rotate buttons and scale the clip incrementally for your plus and minus buttons. You could also set it up so that it continued to rotate as long as you pressed the button.

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