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Thread: A little help please...

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    Ok, I have found an actionscript that allows the user to hit a button and a random "Quote of the Day" is generated and displayed. The script I used is as follows (I used it to randomly generate tournament formats for a game I am a company sanctioned Judge in):

    on (release) {
    var index=24;
    var text0="Kill 'Em All - Euro 40-4<br>Legal decks will have exactly 20 assets.<br>All Assets of your opponents must be destroyed in order for you to win the game.<br>No assets may be in a city with an HQ, and no assets with stealth more than 1";
    var text1="Frozen Highlander----Ant 60/1";
    var text2="Peace Conference<br>Euro 90-2<br>No attacks until turn 10 has been completed by both players.";
    var text3="Builder's Rumble-Euro 40-4<br>You may use 1st Edition, and any other 2 sets ONLY! (event coordinator will decide which other sets the 2 should be, generally the most 2 recently released)<br>Watch the output of Generators";
    var text4="Common and uncommon Only.";
    var text5="On The Run<br>Euro 50-4<br>Mobile HQ ONLY!Thalman and Acid Rain banned.";
    var text6="Antarctica 30-4<br>No Very Rare's!";
    var text7="Europe 40/4<br>No Programs or Interventions.";
    var text8="Special Service Rumble<br>Euro 50-4<br>Your deck MUST include 2 each of two different Veteran cards, and at least 3 each of their original state (ie...3 saro's and 2 saro vets + another set of vet/original in the same amount)";
    var text9="Noah's Ark<br>Euro 50-2";
    var text10="5, 6, or 7 round swiss format.<br>Euro 40-4<br>You play people with the closest record in the tourney. ";
    var text11="Slit your wrist<br>America 40-4<br>First person to destroy their own HQ wins.<br>Last Stand and Wormhole Shield banned.";
    var text12="Domain Tourney<br>Euro 40/4<br>Player must only use one domain.";
    var text13="Domain Treaty<br>Euro 40/4<br>Player must use 2 different domains, no more, no less.";
    var text14="Weenie Roast<br>Euro 40-3<br>No assets with deploy cost above a certain number (3 or 4 is best).";
    var text15="Hostile Takeover<br>Asia 50-3<br>All assets must have military in their deploy cost.<br>Arms Export Contract and Military Surplus are banned.";
    var text16="Fortune Teller's Convention<br>Asia 40/4<br>All assets must have at least CA of 2.";
    var text17="First Strike<br>America 50-2<br>First person to do ten damage to opponents HQ wins.<br>No interventions or programs.";
    var text18="Darwins Nightmare<br>Euro 40-4<br>All decks must contain 4 Worker Sims and 2 Gaean Trainers.";
    var text19="Ocean Voyage<br>Pacifica/Antarctica 40/4<br>All Bases are banned.";
    var text20="Links to America<br>America 40/4<br>Must use Hive HQ, rain is banned.";
    var text21="UnderWorld Meeting<br>World 40/4<br>Must use Underground HQ.<br>Programs are banned.";
    var text22="Matrix<br>Euro 40/4<br>Team Mechs vs Team Humans<br>All Luddites and UNWCT are banned.";
    var text23="Taking the Census<br>Pacifica 60/3<br>First person with 20 assets in opponent's HQ wins.<br>Must attack to show unseen assets.";
    var text24="Yard Sale<br>America 50-4<br>First person to have an asset with 6 gear/items on it at opponents HQ for 3 of his enemies turns wins.<br>Asset must be visible for the turn to count<br>Sprawl thief may be used.";
    var n = Math.round(Math.random() * index);
    _root.display = eval("text" + n);

    I would like to know how I would code the script above so that it can generate the required random response, and then take the movie to a specific point in the timeline for that random response. I know nothign about actionscript, so an example would be wonderful. What I am going to do is simply make a coin flipper, it will have a coin, and when the coin is hit (or a button) the coin will flip into the air, and I want the file to move to either a heads image, or a tails image, randomly.

    Additionally, I would like to know of an inexpensive program that I can use to change the icon displayed once I have created a generator file, and how can I rid myself of hte genreric title bar (replaced with my own would be ebst) and rid myslf of the Flash control menu that is present.

    Thanks in advance.

    Eternal Flash 5 newbie

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    A little bump of my post as I still can't find this software (I read about it some time back and couldn't afford it then).

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