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Thread: making a hybrid auto run CD-ROM

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    Can someone explain to me how or where I can find out how to make a self starting projector file for a cd-rom. I am looking to make a hybrid cd that will start as soon as it is loaded on a machine. Can this be done? Any apps or web site tutorials that talk about this?



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    easy make a text file and call it autorun.inf and inside it should look like this! Where setup.exe is your projector and logo.ico is the logo you want to apear if someone looks at the cdrom in mycomputer! if you dont want or have a icon just remove the line!


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    auto run

    In addtion to creating the autorun.inf file, you'll need an advanced burning software like Toast Titanium to burn a CD that will autorun on both platforms. Select Custom Hybrid then go from there.

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    Do an advanced search for something like "autorun mac".
    I remember seeing threads a while ago saying that you must burn on a mac and there are other issues with the .hqx extension.(can't exactly remember but there is a lot of info somewhere here at FK)


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